Who Are We?

We are Secret Credit Relief, a licensed and bonded credit repair company in Sparks Nevada that help clients repair their negative credit scores. We've helped clients for years gain access to funds even though they have bad credit, the key was if they owned their own homes, so we showed them a smart and sophisticated way to unlock the value in their homes to get funds without taking on more debt, and "No Monthly Payments."

″There are 25 million households in American today where their credit score is below 700, and there is over $100,000 of wealth in their homes, so that’s a vast segment of homeowners, nearly 50 percent of homeowners in fact, who are not eligible for Fannie or Freddie mortgages."

Do you have a credit score of 500?


Do you have a foreclosure over 5 years ago?

Have you been saving money for a down payment for months or years to use as a down payment for your dream home and still can't save, but you've found your dream home now and only have some of the down payment, only 10%? We'll show you how to get the other 10%, so you'll have the full 20% needed as a down payment to qualify, and there's no monthly payment ever, or get the full 20%, you pay back after 30 years!

Imagine this...

1.   Paying off high interest credit cards once and for all
2.   Retiring comfortably with more freedom
3.   Renovating your home without using your hard-earned savings
4.   Or anything you can dream of

All this without borrowing a single penny.

How's it done?

By you tapping into your home in a smarter, better way. Banks and Mortgage Lending companies don't want you to know this secret, why, because it takes away their high monthly payments and fees, plus you're not paying down your debt, you're adding more debt. We teach you how to eliminare all your debt without taking on any more debt. 

This is not a reverse mortgage, a reverse mortgage requires you to make monthly payments, and requires you to be at least 62 years old, plus you could loose 100% of your equity.